(The Main Floor: the Dining Room & the Library)



The Dining Room
as seen from the Kitchen.
The cabinet in the corner was a gift of Bro. Walter I. Giles, Al-'49,
a former National Vice-President for Alpha Chapter
The two tables were gifts of Bro. Henry G. Bergeson, Al-'31,
a former Treasurer of the Washington Alumni Association
of Delta Phi Epsilon Fraternity.

The Dining Room
as seen from the Harry Spraker Library
The miniature pool table was in 2000 replaced
by a full-sized model,
which in turn was replaced in 2002
by a fussball table.
The furniture in this room
has always been arranged "at rest",
a Federalist term meaning
pushed up against the walls,
leaving the room's center free and open.

The Dining Room
as seen from the Great Room
At the left is the door to the Spraker Library.
At the right is the door to the Kitchen.
In the middle, raised up on cinderblocks,
is the coffin.


The Harry Spraker Library
as seen from the Dining Room
The money to have this room panelled
was donated by the parents of Bro. Harry W. Spraker, Al-'47,
after he was killed in action in Korea in 1951.
For many years a large wooden
crest bearing the coat-of-Arms of Delta Phi Epsilon,
was hung over the fireplace.
This crest was stolen in the mid-1970s.
A framed photograph of
Rev. Edmund A. Walsh, SJ,
a good friend of Delta Phi Epsilon Fraternity
from its founding in 1920 until his death in 1956,
hangs in the corner, over the television.
Until it was stolen in the mid-1980s
there hung next to it the only known photograph
of Constantine E. McGuire,
the true founder of GU's Foreign Service School
and the man who made possible Delta Phi Epsilon's
acquiring in 1921 its first fraternity house

The Harry Spraker Library
as seen from the Hallway
In the middle is the door to Minnie's Bathroom.
The two bookcases were originally windows
looking east out onto the yard along 34th Street.
When the garage, the dining room, and the kitchen were built
in 1919, these two windows were blocked
by the west wall of the new dining room and re-made into bookcases.
Between the bookcases hangs a framed photograph of Bro. Spraker.
On the room's north wall hang three plaques,
the first listing winners of an annual intra-Alpha Chapter tennis tournament,
the second listing winners of an annual intra-GU fraternity touch football tournament,
and the third listing those brothers who have since 1964 been voted by the chapter
to receive the "David T. Casey Memorial Award for Exemplary Character".
Bro. David Casey, Al-60, was a Marine lieutenant killed in 1963
in an automobile accident while driving from Washington, DC, to Quantico, VA.


The door at left is from the Harry Spraker Library
to the Dining Room.
The door at right leads to the stairwell
going down to the Basement Party Room.

The door at left leads to the stairwell
going down to the Basement Party Room.
The door at right leads into the Hallway.

The doorway to the spiral stairwell to the Basement Party Room.
Originally this was a Servants' Staircase,
going up from the basement all the way to the 3rd floor

Only the bottom third of the original Staircase remains
(i.e., that part going from the basement up to just beneath the 2nd floor bathroom)

The remaining two-thirds were in the 1910s,
when the House acquired indoor plumbing,
turned into the House's 2nd and 3rd floor bathrooms

On the stairwell wall is painted the extract from Dante's Inferno,
repeating the words supposedly posted at the entrance to Hell.

Just inside the stairwell there is a 3' x 3' landing
and on its left is a door
behind which are the old steps that once had gone up to the second floor

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