III. The Exterior Walls.

1. Foundations: There is no evidence of any abnormal structural distress in any of the foundation walls.

+ 2. Brickwork: The exterior walls are generally in good condition. The mortar has been repointed some time in the recent past. The exception to the generally good condition is the cracking that has developed over the bay window. A wide horizontal crack over the bay window indicates a weakness in the support of the brick above the bay. It is my understanding that this crack has been there for a generation but characteristics of the crack lead us to believe that there is still movement. The cracking has fresh edges. Presumably these cracks were all filled when the building was repointed a few years ago and they have now reopened. The plaster inside (which is already badly water damaged) needs to be cut out so the support for the outside brick wall over the bay window can be evaluated and repaired permanently as needed. There is also some fresh hairline cracking around most of the jack arches over the windows. This needs to be monitored over the years and it will increase at a very slow and unstoppable pace.

3. Windows: The windows are almost all the original single pane double hung units. Their classic look makes them protected for historic purposes. Most of the first floor windows are no longer operable. They have been painted and caulked shut. As a general pattern the wood sashes are deteriorated and the sills are not waterproof. They need a complete restoration. Ideally each window would be disassembled, repaired, painted and re-hung. Included in the repair would be sash cords, latches, glazing, sash corners, and sills.

+ The minimum repair is to replace the rotted sills, replace the rotted wood trim on the base of the bay window, and make sure each bedroom has at least one opening window.

Figure 12. The trim around the base of the Great Room's bay window is rotted.

Figure 13. The window sill is rotted on this Attic window.
Water will get inside if not fixed.

4. Doors: The doors just need routine fit and finish work. There is a garage door on the east side of the building that is now the outside wall of a bedroom fashioned out of the old garage. The windows are broken and papered over from the inside. You must decide if this is going to be a bedroom or a garage (its barely habitable as a bedroom).

+ 5. Porch: The second floor porch has already been discussed above in part II.6. It needs the following repairs:

1. New cornice

2. New railings

3. New floor coating

4. Waterproofed Hashings around its edges and posts

5. New cornice

6. Some ceiling wood repair and paint.

7. GFI protected outlet.


End of Part III (The Exterior Walls)

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