I. The Grounds.

1. Plantings: There is an overgrown tree on the southeast corner vegetation and grass are overgrown and unkempt There is also trash in the yard.

2. Retaining walls: There is a block retaining wall at the edge of the yard along the sidewalk, and a brick and block retaining wall at the basement entry door Earth and root pressure have caused some rotation (leaning) and there is some loose mortar and spelling. Although it is unsightly it is not a priority repair and there is no threat to the structure.

Figure 3. Note the leaning retaining wall.

3. Walks: There is some minor spelling in the concrete of the entry walk and a Newell post cap is missing on the decorative wrought iron handrail.

4. Grading: The surface grades around the building are not a major concern. There is some moderate erosion at a downspout and some areas along the edge of the building on the east side that do not have optimal slope away.


End of Part I (The Grounds)

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